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Empowering parents to educate, encourage, support and advocate for their child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.

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The Autism Center supports families and children to navigate the ever evolving process of understanding the diagnosis of Austim Spectrum Disorder (ASD). The Autism  Center’s mission is to create a learning environment that supports parents through modeling and coaching,  to encourage, educate, and advocate for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Autism Center uses evidence based practices in a natural child-friendly environment and team approach. Interventions focus on all domains of development and are specifically constructed and individualized to meet the specific needs of each family. The Early Start Denver Model provides specific family and assessment driven objectives. Parents receive training and strategies they can use in their natural family routines.

Autism Center Approach:

  • Early Start Denver Model provides specific family and assessment driven objectives;
  • Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), pivotal behavior response and floor time approach;
  • Family-centered training and strategies to build on natural family routines;
  • Establish helpful routines;
  • Focus on communication, social, adaptive, cognitive and sensory issues;
  • Practical applications with home–based activities throughout the day;
  • Consultations and workshops also available.

Please contact the Autism Center for more information at 603-524-8811 or

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autismwalksigngivingThe 5th Annual Walkathon raised $6,000 to support the Autism Center – Details on the 2016 Walkathon will follow. WOW Trail and Lakes Region Community Services, 719 North Main Street, Laconia.

Walk with us, collect pledges, form a team and help local families with young children on the Autism Spectrum in need of services. Details for the 2016 Walkathon will be posted when available.


 Programs and Services

Connecting the Puzzle: Intensive Autism Support for Families

Autism Center2Class Times Vary. Contact the Center for Current Schedule.

For families with children ages birth to five on the Autism Spectrum, ‘Connecting the Puzzle’ creates a learning environment that teaches parents to encourage, educate, support, and advocate for their child with ASD. Parents spend three days per week in the center working directly with their children, overseen by educators and therapists. In addition, families receive one home visit per week to ensure that strategies can be implemented in a variety of settings.

What families say about the Autism Center

“From day one, the care and support we received from the people at the Autism center was immeasurable. The program helped Christian tremendously and gave us the tools we need to help him with his daily life”  Syl Lapierre & Denise Colby, Belmont, NH

SAM_06198 Week comprehensive program helps families:

  • Establish routines
  • Address communication social, adaptive, cognitive and sensory issues
  • Utilize practical applications within activities that are done at home throughout the day  and provides:
  • Socialization group for children
  • Sensory room experiences
  • Parent support group
  • One visit per week to home or childcare setting

Time of day varies by session, including mornings and late afternoons. Click here for the program registration form.

Piece by Piece

autism2Class Times Vary. Contact the Center for Current Schedule.

A learning opportunity for children and their families to come together to develop strategies for integrating meaningful activities into their daily routines. Families will be invited to share in activities such as snacks, crafts and movement games with visual supports that will carry over into the home environment.

8 Week Session provides:

  • Opportunity to develop strategies for integrating meaningful activities into daily routines
  • Provides a chance for child and siblings to engage in activities together
  • Visual sequence strip and specific parent instruction can be used in the home

Click here for program registration form.

Other Services

Consultation Services

Available for families, child care centers, school districts or private businesses


Variety of topics to include an overview of autism, routine based interviews, sensory processing, communication and language development.

Other workshops available upon request.

“The Autism center not only helped our son, Aidan, make huge strides, but it also helped us, as his parents, learn the best ways to play and teach at home to enhance his learning that much more.”Todd Collette & Kara Stanley, Laconia NH

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