Self Directed Services

SDSThe Self Directed Service Option provides individuals with a developmental disability or acquired brain disorder and/or their families the option to design, manage and direct their support services using preauthorized Medicaid funds.  Individuals/family members may choose their own staff, decide how much to pay them, and determine their schedule.  There is also the option to contract with family members, businesses, neighbors, or service providers for supports, transportation, tutoring and a variety of other activities. Following Medicaid guidelines, individuals and/or their family determine when and how the authorized funds are spent.  For more information on the Self Directed Service Option please contact your Resource Coordinator and/or considered attending a training event on Self Directed Services.

Self Directed Services Training Series
  • Do you want control over who provides supports to your family member?
  • Do you want to decide where, when, and how supports are provided?
  • Do you want to decide how allotted service dollars are spent?

If you said yes to these questions then Self Directed Services (SDS) may be right for you.

  • This option promotes family control of services and service dollars to create a life for their family member.
  • This option is available to any family member who currently receives funding for services or plans to in the future.
  • Across the state this approach has proven to have the highest satisfaction rating among families whose family member is receiving services.

“We don’t want a program, we want a life. We want to be the architects of our own lives.”   

For more information contact:

Shannon Kelly, Executive Vice President

Phone: (603) 581-1502