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Every person deserves to experience the dignity and economic freedom that goes along with getting paid for a job well done. Being employed creates more choices and opportunity for a better quality of life. StaffWorks of LRCS works within the community to assist and support individuals who experience a disability achieve their personal and career goals.

For Families & Individuals

If you are a family supporting a loved one with a developmental disability or an adult who experiences a disability who is on your own, StaffWorks can help with developing independent living and job skills, making connections in the community, finding a job or creating a self-employment opportunity. StaffWorks Career Consultants are experienced in all of these areas. They are also experts in benefits who can help you understand the work incentives that make employment a good option for individuals receiving disability benefits.

For Schools

The foundation for a successful work life is built long before a person turns 21. StaffWorks contracts with school districts to provide community-based programs tailored to help students transitioning to adulthood make connections and develop the skills they will need in the future.

For Employers

Imagine having professional support to develop potential new staff and to tailor their training to meet your businesses’ specific needs — at no cost! Whatever the size or scope of your business, StaffWorks will work with you to create an internship. You reduce your recruitment and training costs and increase productivity while giving back to your community! And when the internship ends, if you have a need you could end up with a great new employee custom-trained by you and StaffWorks. A video recap of a recent CRAVE internship can be seen here.

Whatever your needs, to learn more about partnering with StaffWorks, contact:

Wendy Robb (Belknap County) (603)- 581-1530
(Grafton County) (603)-996-3976

Employment First

LRCS believes that every person should have the opportunity to access and maintain employment. Employment has an obvious economic benefit that allows people to live more independently and provides the economic freedom to choose activities that expand one’s life experiences. We believe that everyone should be employed and our primary focus of supports within the community is to assist individuals in achieving their career goals. LRCS utilizes a team approach to provide personalized job development.


Is your business looking for qualified employees? Call Lakes Region Community Services at (603) 524-8811 and ask to speak to a job developer.