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Employment is Empowerment – That’s why there’s StaffWorks!

Everyone deserves to have the dignity and economic freedom that comes with getting paid for a job well done. Being employed creates more choices and opportunity for a better quality of life.


StaffWorks of LRCS works within the community to help individuals who experience a disability achieve their personal and career goals. StaffWorks works for:

  • Families & individuals: We’re beating both the state and national employment rates for people with disabilities! StaffWorks is a leader in supporting creative employment options, self-employment and traditional employment. StaffWorks can also help build a solid foundation by teaching independent living skills and connecting individuals with their community. Our benefits specialists can help you understand the work incentives that make employment a good option for individuals receiving disability benefits.
  • Schools: The foundation for a successful work life is built long before a person turns 21. StaffWorks contracts with schools to provide community-based programs, which may include internships, part-time employment and help learning daily living skills. We help young people transitioning to adulthood develop the skills they will need to move their lives forward after high school.
  • Employers: You could have professional support to develop potential new staff and customize their training to meet your businesses’ specific needs — at no cost! StaffWorks will work with you to create an internship or training program. You reduce your recruitment and training costs and increase productivity while giving back to your community! You could end up with a great new employee custom-trained by you and StaffWorks.

Contact Information

Wendy Robb, StaffWorks Director • 603-524-8811 • wendy.robb@lrcs.org