Step Ahead

“The home visits bring information and assurance (that) I am doing okay. “


The goal of Step Ahead is to support families with children under the age of twenty-one. This home-visiting based program empowers families to be in control of their own future; while assisting them to meet their goals. This is best achieved through encouraging families to identify their strengths and needs and then assisting them with concrete problem solving and accessing community resources. Through this process, we aim to empower and strengthen families to be independent, yet connected to a whole new support network. The Step Ahead Program is a voluntary program; referrals are accepted from any source; using this form. Services are free and include the following aspects:

Home visiting

Family Aides

Health Education

Child Development Education

Health Education

Life Skills Training

Resource Coordination

Childcare Resources

Family Empowerment

Information and Referral

“The best part of the program? Just knowing that I was doing the best I could with what I had.” 


Guide to Family Resource Center Services

Community Resources available for area families