Resource Coordination

Locally-based case managers who help you connect with resources and make choices.

Your Resource Coordinator is a case manager who helps you make the most of your benefits and the programs and services available to you.

Lakes Region Community Services’ Resource Coordinators are locally-based. More than just a voice on the phone, Resource Coordinators develop relationships with the people they support, help them make choices and advocate for their needs.

Once an individual is found eligible for services, a Resource Coordinator is assigned to that person. Your Resource Coordinator works with you, as well as your family or others who provide support, to develop a Service Agreement. The Service Agreement outlines the services you receive from LRCS and reflects your choices to achieve your goals, hopes and dreams.


Service Agreements are flexible based on an individual’s needs, wishes and decisions. Resource Coordinators meet with the individuals and families they support each year to review Service Agreements and update them as necessary. Resource Coordinators are always available to answer questions, identify resources and provide assistance. Your Resource Coordinator is part of a larger team, so if they do not have an answer for you, they will be sure to find it!

For more information contact:

Robert Landry, Vice-President of Resource Coordination (603) 528-7994