Children’s In Home Supports

An intensive home based program helping children with complex medical and behavioral needs.

If you are looking for service, but also want to choose your own options, Self Directed Services can give individuals and families the opportunity to develop and manage their program of services. Every family can choose the support services and people that meet the needs of their family member with disabilities, respecting the family’s values, needs and priorities.

Families work collaboratively with Lakes Region Community Services to best meet the needs of the individual while at the same time meeting the requirements of the federal guidelines.

We offer the following services:InHomeSupports

Enhanced Personal Care
Personal care provides assistance with daily living skills, communication, transportation, health and personal safety.

Service Coordination
Service Coordination aids in developing service plans (in accordance with other plans the child may have in place), coordinating, and monitoring services provided under the program and general overall support to families.

Consultative Services (including behavioral)
Consultative Services provides professional advice for the family, providers, and other caregivers to understand and care for their child’s developmental, functional, health and behavioral needs. It includes support regarding diagnosis and treatment of the child to families for whom care giving has become overwhelming and stressful, as well as, evaluation, training, mentoring, and providing special instruction.

Respite Care
Respite care is temporary relief and support of the family, in or out of the child’s home. The family will have full freedom and control in choosing their own provider(s) with the training and safeguards to assure appropriateness and quality of services and supports provided.

Environmental Modifications
Environmental modifications consists of adaptations to the home environment to ensure access, health and safety for the child and caregiver(s) and adaptations to the vehicles to ensure the child’s safety and access to the community.

For more information, please contact your Resource Coordinator.