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The following directory will help you communicate with the appropriate Lakes Region Community Services representative in the event you should have a questions or concern.  If a specific area you are interested in is not listed below, please contact the main office  at 603-524-8811 and you will be promptly assisted.


General Inquiries – Main Office

(603) 524-8811
Fax: (603) 524-0702

On site TTY Phone available for use with NH TTY Relay

Email: info@lrcs.org

Mailing address:
P.O. Box 509, Laconia NH 03247

Plymouth Office

(603) 536-4999
Fax: (603) 536-5548

Mailing Address:
Northern Team
P.O. Box 509, Laconia NH 03247

For directions to Main Office & Plymouth office, click here

Intake/Services Eligibility

Tylaine Guarriello, Intake Coordinator birth – 3
(603) 581-1578
Email: tylaine.guarriello@lrcs.org

Lori Adams, Intake Coordinator 3 & up (603) 581-1558
Email: lori.adams@lrcs.org

Family Resource Center:

Erin Pettengill, Vice President of Family Resource Center
(603) 581-1571
Email: erin.pettengill@lrcs.org

Family-Centered Early Supports & Services:

Brenda Greene, Early Childhood Manager
(603) 581-1559
Email: brenda.greene@lrcs.org

Parent Education:

Trish Tousignant, Parent Educator
(603) 528-0391
Email: tricia.tousignant@lrcs.org

Step Ahead Home Visiting:

Alyssa Tandy, Manager Step Ahead Home Visiting Program
(603) 528-0391
Email: alyssa.tandy@lrcs.org

Business Office:

Shelley Kelleher, Vice-President & CFO
(603) 581-1509
Email: shelley.kelleher@lrcs.org


Email: payroll@lrcs.org

Media/PR Requests:

Bob Leda, Vice President of Public Relations & Development
(603) 581-1588
Email: robert.leda@lrcs.org

Elder Services:

Holly French, Home Assist Program Manager
(603) 581-1589
Email: holly.french@lrcs.org

Information Technology / Website:

Colleen Cass, Director of IT
(603) 581-1515
Email: colleen.cass@lrcs.org


David Emond, Vice President of Operations
(603) 581-1503
Email: david.emond@lrcs.org


Lisa Clark, Director of Nursing
(603) 581-1517
Email: lisa.clark@lrcs.org

Quality Improvement:

Joleen Welford, Vice President of Human Resources
(603) 581-1522
Email: joleen.welford@lrcs.org

Resource Coordination:

Robert Landry, Vice-President of Resource Coordination
(603) 528-7994
Email: robert.landry@lrcs.org

Residential Services:

Shannon Kelly, Executive Vice President
(603) 581-1502
Email: shannon.kelly@lrcs.org


Wendy Robb, Director of StaffWorks
(603) 581-1530
Email: wendy.robb@lrcs.org

Shared Family Living:

Ellen Bean, Shared Family Living Manager
(603) 581-1556
Email: ellen.bean@lrcs.org

Family to Family Connection:

Sarah Cadorette, Family to Family Coordinator
(603) 581-1528
Email: sarah.cadorette@lrcs.org

Giving Opportunities:

Bob Leda, Vice President of Public Relations & Development
(603) 581-1588
Email: robert.leda@lrcs.org

Human Resources/Volunteer Opportunities:

Jessica Littizzio, Human Resources Generalist
(603) 581-1525
Email: jessica.littizzio@lrcs.org

Employment Inquiries & Current Openings

Employee Benefits Information