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Parent Information Center 54 Old Suncook Road Concord NH 03301 Phone: 224-7005     Fax: 224-4365

Purpose: to Educate families to advocate for their children. Provide workshops and education trainings.

My Child Without Limits

New Hampshire Family Voices

NH Connections

New Support group Families sharing without Shame :

or contact Donna 603-568-0533 or

Gilford at the Gilford Community Church Monday Evenings 7-8:30 Gathering room

Concord at the  Concord Hospital 250 Pleasant Street Concord NH 03301 Thursday Evenings 7-8:30 conference room C sometimes B


Born Learning
Center for Early Literacy Learning
Center on the Social and Emotional Foundations for Early Learning



Developmental Milestones
UNH Cooperative Extension Parenting / Families

Zero to Three: National Center for Infants, Toddlers and Families


MICE Multisensory Intervention through Consultation and Education – P O Box 2274 Concord NH 03302

Phone: 228-1028 Fax : 228-3400 Purpose is to support the development of children 0-3 with vision and hearing concerns. Educate parents of children with vision/ hearing impairments. Educate through joint home visits with community members (ESS and childcare) that work with families that are eligible.

Partner’s in Health Special Medical Services 129 Pleasant Street Thayer Building Concord NH 03301

Purpose: to advocate, access resources, navigate systems and build capacity to manage the chronic health condition of children 0-21

Special Medical Services: NH Department of Health and Human Services 129 Pleasant Street Thayer Building  Concord NH 03301-3857

Purpose: offers health care and services to children 0-21 who have, or are at risk for a chronic medical condition, disability or special health care need.


Family Resource Centers:

Whole Village Family Resource Center 258 Highland Street Plymouth NH 03264  Phone: 536-3720

Purpose: provide casework, family education classes, socialization opportunities for children. Parent classes use Nurturing Skills program. Various specialist and programs for the community are located at the Whole Village.

Other  Local Resources:

Community Support Network, Inc. (CSNI)

Disabilities Rights Center
New Hampshire Bureau of Developmental Services

Child and Family Services  State Headquarters 464 Chestnut Street P O Box 338 Manchester NH 03105 Phone: 518-4000 Fax: 668-6260

Purpose: supporting the child and well being of the whole family. Child and family services offer an array of services that vary throughout the state of NH. Services are designed to strengthen the family structure.

Communities for Alcohol and Drug Free Youth (CADY) 94 Highland Street Plymouth NH 03246 Phone: 536-9793 Fax: 536-9799

Purpose: implements a wide ranging approach of information, education and collaboration to teens and families to prevent and reduce the youth alcohol, tobacco and drug use. CADY promotes a health environment and promising future through an outcome based substance prevention program

Voices against violence  24 hour hotline 1-877-221-6176  Plymouth 536-5999

Purpose: 24 hour free and confidential crises center that supports all people who experience domestic violence, sexual violence, harassment, stalking , human trafficking and bullying.

Boys and Girls Club 888 N. Main Street Laconia NH 03246  Phone: 527-0198

Purpose:  A community building that is open to chidren and teens everyday afterschool , promoting a positive educational and social opportunity with qualified trained staff

Community Resources available for area families

Guide to Family Resource Center Services

State Assistance Programs:

Women, Infant and Children Nutrition (WIC) 1-800-943-4321 for closest office  2 Industrial Park Dr Concord NH 03302   225-2050 Fax: 228-1898

Purpose: offers nutrition education and a nutrition program that provides assistance to pregnant women, new mothers, infants and preschool children who are income eligible. WIC also supports women who are breastfeeding

Home Visiting New Hampshire: 719 N. Main Street Laconia NH 03246 Phone : 524-8811

Purpose: preventative program for first time mothers who are under the age of 21 (Medicaid eligible) . Will follow the mother until the child turns one. Provides education and connections to community program to support more healthy birth outcomes

Headstart and Early Head Start 258 Highland Street Plymouth  Phone : 752-7138   Laconia 528-5334

Purpose: provides home based education to children under three and families who are income eligible, socialization is provided once a week in a center environment and parent education is encouraged. School based educational services to children 3-5 who are income eligible. Children receive two nutritious meals plus a snack. Parents are encouraged to advocate for needs of their child and volunteer in the classroom. Eligible pregnant women receive supports including health, dental and mental health services, prenatal and breastfeeding education.


Mental Health Services:

Genesis Behavioral Health

Plymouth 599 Tenney Mountain Highway Plymouth NH 03264 Phone : 536-1118 Fax: 536-1028

Laconia 771 N. Main Street Laconia NH 0246 Phone: 603-524-1100 Fax: 603-524-6000


Training  resources:

The Early Childhood Outcomes Center
UNH Institute on Disability