Giggles and Grins

Giggles & Grins Playgroup

A free, inclusive early childhood environment that provides children with the opportunity to play and develop critical social-emotional skills. Families have the chance to share parenting ideas and concerns, establish friendships and decrease isolation.

100_1478 J learns physicsPlaygroups provide a lot of social stimulation. Children watch and learn what the other children are doing. Younger toddlers will engage in parallel play, basically playing next to another child and learning to imitate play skills.

“When I first came to Giggles & Grins, I knew no one, we (had) just moved to town. My child turned 5 and is in school but the parents I met at Giggles & Grins are now my best friends. Thank you!”

– Parent participant

The playgroups are facilitated by staff who have been trained in a variety of best practice methods to model and guide families in child engagement. The facilitators can provide an Ages and Stages developmental screening through the Watch Me Grow program to make sure that children are developing appropriately.


Playgroup Calendar May 2023 (pdf)

Calendar of Family Playgroup Events for May 2023


Playgroup Calendar June 2023 (pdf)

Calendar of Family Playgroup Events for June 2023









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