So many stories, so little time.

LRCS Today Community Post

By Christine Santaniello, Executive Director

Christine Santaniello

Christine Santaniello

Each and every day as the Executive Director of this organization, I witness amazing courage, bravery, and determination in the children, individuals and families we serve in our many programs and services. I am so fortunate to see results over a person’s life span, that change lives and strengthen our community.

Those of us who are part of the LRCS community, are immersed in the lives of people who live with some extraordinary challenges.  For most of our waking (and sometimes sleeping) hours our employees, providers, families and consumers work incredibly hard to advance the ball and build quality of life for themselves and the people they support.

Taking the time to reflect on this work, celebrate our successes, share our frustrations, and tell the many stories that should be shared, most often takes a back seat.

This is why I am excited to be the first, of what will be many ‘Bloggers’, to appear on the LRCS website – offering short posts on a variety of topics and stories from different perspectives to easily share through social and print media.

What is a Blog Post? According to Oxford Dictionary it is “A piece of writing or other item of content posted on a blog. A blog is a regularly updated web page.”  Seems simple enough and gives us an opportunity to share stories and information in real time.

We hope the content you find here and elsewhere will help to advance our mission of working together to build a strong culture of inclusion in our community.

Please check back often and let us know what you think. Thank you!

Comments, questions, and ideas for future blog posts can be sent to: Joanne Piper Lang, LRCS Director of Development and PR at