Taskforce Created by Local Business Leaders to Support Direct Care Workforce

Since October 2021, Executive Directors, CEOs, and Administrators from organizations such as Speare Memorial Hospital, Granite United Way, Golden View Health Care Center, Horizons Counseling Center, Lakes Region Mental Health Center, Taylor Community, Laconia Housing, Lakes Region Community Developers, Partnership for Public Health, Lakes Region and Meredith Area Chamber of Commerce, and numerous others, have gathered to bring about the Lakes Region Direct Care Taskforce. Led by Lakes Region Community Services (LRCS) President and CEO Becky Bryant, the group’s mission is to collectively think up solutions for the workforce issue in the Lakes Region and bring a voice to employers and direct care workers serving central New Hampshire’s vulnerable populations.

“As a nonprofit, at LRCS we know the importance of thinking creatively and outside of the box,” said Becky Bryant. “The creation of the Direct Care Taskforce is no exception to this. Collaboration between different groups, businesses, and organizations has always been a strength of the Lakes Region. We join forces and work together to solve issues. We are lucky to have so many like-minded organizations willing to come together as partners for the betterment of our community as a whole.”

The intent and strategy of the group is to put aside the competition for workforce and instead do something that will make a larger impact to support and strengthen the direct care workforce. The Taskforce is working to identify barriers and create action plans around advocacy, recruitment, retention, housing, childcare, and transportation.

Bryant states, “New Hampshire is an aging state where young people are leaving after high school. The demand for healthcare services is increasing with fewer people delivering these services. The direct care workforce issue is not one that is going to be solved individually. With the partnership of the Direct Care Taskforce, business leaders are collaborating on various ideas that are creative and different.”

The Lakes Region Direct Care Taskforce meets once a month via Zoom, with their next gathering on Thursday, February 24th. If you are interested in learning more or joining the Lakes Region Direct Care Taskforce, please contact Emily Ferrer at emily.ferrer@lrcs.org.