Support LRCS as a Fundraising Champion June 8-9

LRCS is gearing up for a successful 2021 NH Gives campaign this summer. NH Gives is an online fundraising event that allows nonprofit organizations throughout the state of New Hampshire to connect to the larger community virtually.

Why is LRCS participating in NH Gives?

LRCS relies on charitable contributions to support staff training and development, to provide direct financial support to individuals and families facing especially challenging circumstances, and to support other priorities that otherwise have no funding support.  Also, the ongoing pandemic has meant the cancellation of our traditional fundraising events—including for 2021 too, the cancellation of our Miles for Smiles 5K, which raises money to support dental care needs of the individuals we serve (who otherwise have no dental care coverage!).

What are our goals for NH Gives?

NH Gives is an online statewide giving day, this year scheduled for the 24 hour period from 6 p.m. to 6 p.m. June 8-9, 2021.  For NH Gives 2020, 488 NH nonprofits participated, together raising more than $3.3 million from more than 14,000 donors. Our 2021 fundraising goal for NH Gives is $40,000; $10,000+ to specifically support our Dental Fund and $30,000 to support staff training and other Annual Fund priorities. We hope to raise at least $10,000 in sponsorships and Challenge grants and engage 200 members of our LRCS community to rally around our cause and fundraise on our behalf as “Fundraising Champions.”

Keys to Success – How you can help

200 Fundraising Champions is an ambitious goal—so that’s a key way to help, and a pretty easy one too (total time investment of just a few minutes, and a willingness to simply email, text, post, or otherwise ask your personal network of family and friends to pitch in a few bucks to help the Cause). Don’t worry! There is no firm commitment needed now, but if you’re willing to consider it, please email us at We’ll follow-up with more details later this winter and early spring.