Robert Plante story of Home Assist

Robert Plante is an active fundraiser in his community.

During his three decades of organizing the ‘Great Strides’ walk in Hanover to help find a cure for Cystic Fibrosis, Robert Plante and his team have raised more than $300,000.  Robert has been a devoted supporter of the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation ever since a good friend and classmate of his passed away from Cystic Fibrosis in his early 30’s. And for 30 years following his loss, Robert has pulled together friends, neighbors, volunteers and community members to make the Hanover ‘Great Strides’ fundraising event a success year after year.

“It’s a good event. It makes me feel good to raise money for CF research,” he said.

Robert is well aware that it takes help and teamwork to achieve the best results. For many years he’s enjoyed an active life being involved in his community and recently received an award from Special Olympics for the many years that he has participated in track & field as well as swimming and diving events.

As he ages, Robert continues to be connected to his community and to live independently with the help he receives from the LRCS Home Assist team. Licensed by the State of New Hampshire, Lakes Region Community Services’ Home Assist Program provides non-medical support to help elders and those with chronic illnesses live independently and thrive at home.

When Robert’s former caregiver could no longer work for him, Home Assist connected with his friend Susan, who is retired. She became a part-time employee of the agency so that she could work as Robert’s caregiver. Thanks to Susan he gets help with meal preparation, housework, grocery shopping, and transportation.  Robert says he could not continue to live alone and be active without the help he gets from Home Assist and Susan, who he considers a part of his family.

And with his ‘home’ team in place, Robert plans to continue to lead his ‘Great Strides’ team for CF!

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