Recovery Friendly Workplace

Recovery Friendly Workplace

LRCS management team accepts RFW designation from Kristie Curtis, Recovery Friendly Workforce Advisor, on behalf of Governor Sununu.

Lakes Region Community Services (LRCS) became the most recent organization in New Hampshire to receive the governor’s designation as a recovery friendly workplace.

Launched in 2018 by Governor Sununu, New Hampshire’s Recovery Friendly Workplace Initiative encourages environments where employers, employees, their families, and our communities collaborate to create positive change and eliminate barriers to recovery for those impacted by Substance Use Disorder. In becoming a recovery friendly workplace, LRCS has partnered with RFW advisors to help connect employees to an array of community prevention, treatment and recovery resources.

Rebecca Bryant, President & CEO of LRCS, said, “LRCS has long supported those who struggle with substance use issues in our community, and it was important to our senior management team that as an organization we affirm our commitment to providing critical training, resources and support to our employees and their families.”

To receive the designation, LRCS participated in a multi-step process which included training for its senior management members, as well as a declaration statement issued to all employees. Additional components are required within one year of designation, noted Joleen Welford, VP of Human Resources for LRCS, who commented, “This has been an informative process, and we look forward to continuing to work with the recovery friendly workplace taskforce on these measures in the upcoming year.”

There are currently over 60,000 individuals in New Hampshire in recovery from addiction. Along with 300 partnering organizations, as a member of the RFW, LRCS is dedicated to continuously expanding its workplace culture of safety and creating a work environment that is supportive to all.

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