Staff Works

Jean and Kathy’s Necessary Nibbles

The NH Electric Cooperative (NHEC) held its annual meeting in June and as is the company’s tradition, donated the proceeds from the dinner and raffle to a community nonprofit. This year, NHEC choose Lakes Region Community Services as their recipient charity.

“We have two women who visit our offices every Friday to sell snacks.  ‘Jean and Kathy’s Necessary Nibbles’ have become a part of our workplaces.  We are thrilled to be able to donate this money to help Jean and Kathy and so many other individuals that LRCS supports so they can work in the community,” commented Sara Thielbar of NHEC.

“As a community-based organization, we are especially grateful to receive support from local businesses, other nonprofits and individuals to help us to carry out our mission. This generous gift from NHEC, which also included a personal donation from NHEC President & CEO Steve Camerino, is meaningful to our organization and to the LRCS StaffWorks program that works so hard to find job opportunities for everyone we support,” stated Joanne Piper Lang, VP Development.

Joanne Piper Lang (center) of LRCS joins NHEC employees Gary Lemay and Sara Thielbar at NHEC Headquarters in Plymouth to accept the donation to LRCS.