LRCS Raises Funds for New Technology

2020 marked the first year LRCS participated in NH Gives, an online fundraising event that allows nonprofit organizations throughout the state of New Hampshire to connect to the larger community virtually. This year’s 24-hour event on June 9th – 10th offered LRCS the opportunity to raise funds for new technology to better support the individuals and families they serve during the current global pandemic.

“Due to COVID-19, the many individuals and families we support were suddenly faced with a new range of challenges. As an Agency, we had to adapt quickly. We’ve paid for cell phone hotspot access for families needing such means of connecting; we’ve equipped several families and individuals with new technology hardware like tablets and screens; and, of course, we’ve had significant other unbudgeted expenses with added technology and communication costs organization-wide,” said VP of Development Jim Hamel.

Organizations participating in NH Gives were able to accept donations on the website from 6 pm on June 9th – 6:00 pm on June 10th. Not knowing what to expect, LRCS set out with a fundraising goal of $5,000. Thanks to a lot of early support, the Agency was able to raise 60% of this goal within the first two hours of the event! After a very exciting 24 hours, LRCS not only reached its goal but also exceeded it! The final amount raised was $5,769.00.

“We are so appreciative of everyone who used their social media platforms to share our cause with the public, and we are extremely grateful to the 54 generous stakeholders that donated to our NH Gives page. This was a true team effort, and we are so proud of the way everyone came together to support us and those we serve during these unprecedented times,” said Hamel.