Dan Fife owner of GoGetfifed.com presents Erin Pettengill with a $600 donation for the LRCS’ Autism Center

Daniel Fife, owner of GoGetFifed.com, has hit another goal he set out to accomplish.  Fife, who started his marketing company in 2015, decided that his 2019 calendars “The Life of Fife” would support something near and dear to his heart – Lakes Region Community Services’ Autism Center.  When asked why he chose to donate to LRCS, Fife, who has autism, stated, “I’ve worked with LRCS for a long time, and I want to support my local community.”

Fife ordered 400 of his unique calendars for 2019 and quickly sold out.  He recently donated $600 of profits from the calendars to the LRCS Autism Center, whose mission is to create a learning environment that supports parents to encourage, educate, and advocate for their child with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Fife said that he “wanted to make a good product that everyone would want to purchase” when he began making calendars.  What better way to schedule your year than with a photos of Dan’s traveling adventures?  Fife, who has a love of traveling, has been to all 50 states, as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico, and Canada.

“Having Dan support LRCS’ Autism Center is wonderful. He is so much a part of his local community and his generosity and support of our programs and services means so much,” stated Erin Pettengill, VP of the Family Resource Center at LRCS.