Employers Creating Opportunity by Partnering with LRCS

Biederman's Deli team in Plymouth

Biederman’s Deli team in Plymouth

Career development opportunities for adults with disabilities who reside in the Lakes Region are growing thanks to partnerships between LRCS and area businesses. Through internship programs custom designed to meet the needs of employers, individuals learn valuable job skills and gain experience. In turn, employers get to develop potential future employees with support from LRCS and give back to their community.

Current internship programs include:

CRAVE – This partnership between Centerplate at Gunstock and LRCS graduated its first class in the spring of 2014.

STRIDE – A 15-week, sector-based training program at Plymouth State University that is operated as a partnership between Sodexo (the company that runs Dining Services at the university), LRCS and PSU.

CHAMP (Common Man Hospitality Advancement Mentoring Program) — A 10-week internship program launched by LRCS and The Common Man in March 2014. The program concluded with a successful graduation ceremony in May.

Internships Q and A

Q:        Why should my business consider partnering with Lakes Region Community Services to offer an internship program?

A:        Hosting an internship program is an opportunity to give back to your community while helping your business train and develop the best potential employees. Employers are often eager to hire the interns they have trained. For those interns you are not able to hire, you have played a critical role in sending them into the workforce prepared to secure employment elsewhere.

Q:        Are interns paid or unpaid?

A:        Interns are UNPAID. You share your work ethic, talent and expertise. Interns learn new skills, gain work experience, build their confidence and learn to work for you without putting a dent in your bottom line. It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Q:        What are the benefits of hosting an internship program at your site?

A:        Whatever the size or scope of your business, LRCS will work with you to design a program that works for you and meets your needs. While preparing your interns for successful, competitive employment, your business benefits by:

–         Developing potential new staff and tailoring their training to meet your business’ specific needs

–         Testing the talent before you hire

–         Increasing productivity

–         Reducing your recruitment and training costs

–         Giving back to your community

Q:        OK, you’ve got my attention! How do I find out more?

A:        LRCS is eager to partner with businesses of any size and all sectors of the economy to design an internship program that meets their needs. To find out more, please contact an LRCS Job Developer:

Belknap County Employers: Sara Constant: sara.constant@lrcs.org

Grafton County Employers: Connie Whitcher: constance.whitcher@lrcs.org