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The HomeAssist Program is licensed by the State of NH as a Home Care Service Provider and Certified as an Other Qualified Agency (OQA) providing you or a beloved family member with personal non-medical support to maintain independence at home for as long as possible.   HomeAssist gives hands-on support services to aging seniors and adults age 18 and over living with chronic illnesses.

Q and A with the HomeAssist Program Coordination Team

Home Assist Program Coordinators

Home Assist Program Coordinators

What specific services does HomeAssist provide?

The primary goal of the HomeAssist Department is to help you remain independent in your own home.  HomeAssist provides non-medical, hands on services for aging seniors such as meal planning and preparation; grocery shopping and errands; light housekeeping, floor care, changing of linens and laundry; medication reminders; assistance with personal care; and companionship.

How do I pay for services?

Individuals can pay privately for their services and utilize their long-term care insurance.  Or our knowledgeable team of coordinators has access to a variety of different funding sources and their eligibility requirements.  Being licensed and certified by the State of NH, LRCS is a contracted service provider for Medicaid funding for long-term care, Title XX Social Services Block Grant funds as well as IIIB funding through the Older Americans Act.

How are direct services staff selected and trained?

LRCS has an extensive application and screening process that includes three different background checks.  Staff participates in the LRCS orientation as well as direct service training with the individuals they will be supporting.  During the intake process, we are able to match the individual with available caregivers based on their interests and needs.  On an ongoing basis, we work with the individuals to ensure their satisfaction with both their caregivers and their services.

How does the individual and their family have input in the process of selecting staff and services?

During the intake process, a written plan of care is created that is client-centered with input from the individual, family and the HomeAssist Coordinator that best meets the needs of the individual.  From there, the Home Assist Coordinator works to identify and introduce a compatible caregiver. 

What sets HomeAssist a part from other at home services offered?

The HomeAssist Program is grounded in the values and experience that LRCS brings as a local provider that knows first hand how to support families. We understand the importance of building relationships and our approach is both resourceful and flexible. We have the ability to provide an array of services while taking advantage of a multitude of funding sources.  And finally, our personal approach is based on treating people how we would want to be treated and we have the experience and expertise needed.

To learn more about the HomeAssist Program and how the services can support you or a loved one to remain at home,

please watch this short video:

Meet Vivian Dumont, HomeAssist Client


Vivian Dumont, HomeAssist Client

Vivian Dumont is a lovely 95 yr old woman who has been receiving in-home personal care  services since 1998.  She continues to live in her son’s home on the shores of Lake Winnisquam.  Mrs. Dumont recently shared her thoughts on HomeAssist in a conversation with Katy Stone, HomeAssist Program Coordinator.

What affect does the HomeAssist program have  on your life?

“This is a wonderful program.  I am very blessed to have Lakes Region Community Services come in to my home to assist me.  I have no doubt that I wouldn’t have been able to stay here alone all these years without your continued support.  There were many times when the weather was bad, that you were the only person I saw to talk to all week!!  Just knowing that someone is coming in gives me a sense of well being, not just for the tasks you help with but to have someone here for a face-to-face conversation. That in itself is heartwarming.”

You are fortunate to live in this beautiful lakeside home all these years. I know you like to keep busy inside your home by doing laundry and chores and to this day still hang your laundry outside in good weather. 

“Yes, I move a bit slower than I used to, but I like to be able to do a few things myself, and having you come in to assist me with making the bed, getting my laundry off the line, and keeping up with my floors is wonderful.”

Reverend C.  Peter Dumont, a retired priest shares his home with his mother Vivian Dumont, comments on HomeAssist:

“I was able to continue with my parish in Auburn for years with the assurance that Lakes Region Community Services was coming in to help with Mom.  As a matter of fact, I continue to work part-time here in the Lakes Region with the comfort of knowing she is safe and someone is checking on her.  It is also a bit of respite for me. It is good for her to have a bit of socialization with someone other that me!!”

Meet Janice Harper, Home Assist Caregiver


Jan Harper (pictured right) meets with HomeAssist Coordinator Katy Stone.


Janice Harper has worked as a Homemaker since 2007. She started her career with Central New Hampshire VNA and Hospice and joined Lakes Region Community Services (LRCS) HomeAssist Program in 2012, when HomeAssist assumed the state service contract for Belknap County.

As an experienced homemaker, Jan has what it takes to juggle the daily demands of the job. “I have really learned to be an expert in time management on this job. Every day I do my best to meet all my clients’ various needs – cleaning, shopping, meal preparation, errands, laundry, and appointments. I also make sure I save time to chat, sometimes over a cup of tea. There are weeks when I am someone’s only visitor. I go into people’s homes with a smile and come out with a smile,” commented Jan.

Most HomeAssist clients are single women although the program also serves couples and single men – all of whom share the goal of living independently in their homes. “Our clients are looking for a little help with everyday tasks from someone who is caring, reliable and trustworthy. These are values that are embedded in the LRCS HomeAssist Program. We are part of a community-based, family centered agency celebrating 40 years serving people in the Lakes Region. We understand families and the importance of building relationships,” stated Katy Stone, Home Assist Coordinator.

HomeAssist staff connect daily with the office and are trained to spot concerns and changes that occur with chronic illnesses and aging such as dementia, diabetes and mental health issues. By checking in on people regularly they are alert to changing needs and can help individuals and their families connect with additional community services if needed.

“It is such a rewarding job for me. I know I make a difference in so many lives by helping people to continue to live in their own homes. I get lots of hugs on this job! ” said Jan.

Tips on communicating with your aging parents about their future:

  • Get started – Don’t wait until there is a crisis to talk about your parents’ wishes.
  • Your parents may resist this conversation. If you see changes in your parents abilities, be sure to use concrete examples. “I’ve noticed your balance is off” or “Your eyesight isn’t what it used to be”.
  • Maximize your parents independence. Don’t assume your parents can’t make decisions.
  • Ask open ended questions such as “How are you doing keeping up with the house?” or “What concerns do you have as you go through your day?”
  • Ask for help – HomeAssist is here to help you facilitate these conversations.

For more information on the HomeAssist Program and Choices for Independence, contact a HomeAssist Program Coordinator at (603) 524-8811, or email at