CSNI News and Notes: Meridian Health Plan withdraws from the State of New Hampshire

CSNIMeridian Health Plan, one of the three Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) providing benefits under “Step 1″ of Medicaid Care Management, has chosen to withdraw from the State of New Hampshire, but will continue to provide services until July 31, 2014. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) issued a press release on June 3rd announcing this change. DHHS is working closely with Meridian and the other two MCOs to assure a smooth transition of care for all Meridian members. During the transition period, Meridian members will continue to receive the same benefits and Meridian will reimburse its providers for all services provided to its members through July 31.

For consumers with Meridian, please know the following:

– Meridian and DHHS are working together to minimize client concerns.

– The state knows that clients/families are most interested in continuity, and clarity, for prior authorizations for such supports as medication, transportation, skilled nursing, etc.

– Provider networks vary from health plan to health plan.  The state understands that some providers with Meridian may not be engaged with other health plans and this could influence health plan selection for some served through the developmental services system.

– DHHS will soon mail instructions and time line for enrollment to each Meridian member.

We understand that this change may be problematic to some consumers and families that the developmental services system supports. The following resources are available to help you navigate this change:

– If you would like to change your plan assignment from Meridian to another health plan, please contact the NH Medicaid Service Center at: 1-888-901-4999.

– If you have concerns about a procedure, medication, or any approved service authorized by Meridian through July 31, 2014, please contact

Meridian’s Member Services at (855) 291-5221.  Member Services will continue to field all member questions through this number.

– General questions, that cannot be addressed through the Medicaid Service Center or Meridian Member Services, can be directed to the Medicaid Emergency Services Unit at (603) 271-9461.

– DHHS Client Services is also available to assist members at (800) 852-3354, ext. 4344 or (603) 271-4344.

Please know that CSNI and the Area Agencies will continue to provide information, and next steps, as it is available and are committed to helping to prevent a disruption in healthcare for those we serve. Supporting our clients in transitioning to one of the remaining MCOs, New Hampshire Healthy Families or the Well Sense Health Plan, is a priority.