From Advocacy to Action

From Advocacy to Action: Laura Davies’ Vision for Inclusivity

Laura Davies SARTAC


Meet Laura Davies, a disability advocate, whose work is paving the way for a more inclusive future. Laura has been chosen as a Self Advocacy Resource Assistance Center (SARTAC) Fellow, a prestigious national recognition. With a history of advocacy that includes serving as a 2023 Think College Policy Advocate and interning with a New Hampshire Legislative Liaison, Laura brings a wealth of experience and passion to her latest endeavor.

As a SARTAC Fellow, Laura is focusing her efforts on a project that addresses a critical need: Inclusive Housing in Walkable Communities for individuals with disabilities. Her project aims to highlight the importance of affordable and accessible housing in communities where people can easily walk to services and amenities. By sharing her personal experiences and interviewing others, Laura will create a series of videos to raise awareness and drive change. Laura’s goal is to inspire and educate viewers, showcasing stories that underline the necessity for inclusive living environments that support independence and community engagement for all.

Join Laura on her advocacy journey as she works to make a difference, one story at a time.